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Cosmetic dentistry refers to the various methods used for correcting overbite or underbite, and for whitening, alignment and repositioning teeth that have not grown out of position. As children begin cutting their permanent teeth, they rarely do the special exercises that would help those teeth come in properly, and their jaw structure is not always conducive to forming a straight line of teeth. Any misalignments in the bite can be corrected, but it is best to begin when the patient is still young. That way, the process is more efficient, faster and results in minimal impact to the teeth and jaw. Braces no longer need to spoil someone’s looks. The variety of braces available today includes fixtures that are practically transparent and others that look like decorative ornaments. The orthodontists in our clinic are happy to explain the pros and cons of each method used for correcting irregularities in tooth alignment and bite. The approach needed differs for each patient, and our doctors will gladly take the time to find the most appropriate solution.

The whitening process is not entirely harmless, but the allure of a beautiful smile means prompts many people are willing to do whatever it takes to have brilliantly white teeth. A good dentist will always inform patients of the pros and cons of each method and will choose the whitening approach that offers the best results with the least risk.

It is rare to find someone who was born with perfectly white teeth. Such smiles seem to be more common among Hollywood performers for the simple reason that they more frequently resort to cosmetic dentistry. But whitening is not just for the rich and famous: it is for anyone who would like to “shine brighter” – beginning with their smile.