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The doctor’s verdict that a tooth must be removed might frighten some patients because everyone wants to keep their own beautiful teeth as long as possible. But there is no need to worry: an experienced doctor will never remove a tooth that can still be cured. And if it is necessary to extract a tooth, the doctor will always provide a detailed explanation for the step and offer options for replacing the lost tooth if necessary.

To overcome the sometimes unpleasant memories children might have of visiting the dentist, doctors now use non-injection methods of applying anesthesia. And even when an injection is required, the doctor first sprays the gum with a numbing anesthetic so that the child cannot even feel the injection. Modern anesthesia and medications make extractions completely painless and free from allergic reactions, even in very sensitive individuals.

Sometimes adult teeth must also be removed – for example, when a tooth or teeth are beyond repair and the patient opts to have dentures or implants. The sooner the prosthesis is put in place the better because it reduces the possibility of gums changing shape or atrophying, as often happens when elderly people go several years with missing teeth. In such cases, the patient can experience some discomfort and will need time after the prosthesis has been installed to allow the gums and jaws to adjust and resume their normal functioning.

Before removing a tooth, the doctor will always make an X-ray in order to determine how the tooth is growing, how its roots are positioned, other characteristics concerning the position and structure of the tooth as well as the condition of the jawbone. This is especially true when dealing with wisdom teeth that are often wholly or partly concealed within the gums. Indeed, the removal of lateral teeth can often require a minor operation, making it all the more important to choose a professional doctor and dental clinic.