About us

We represent all the possibilities of dental treatment which is standard in Germany.

Not only are our dentists Germans or have a German education, but the way we treat patients is different from the common way as well.

Without any national pride we can say that dental education in Germany is among the best worldwide. Together with very good technology and our dental lab we are able to provide this high quality standard to you in Moscow.

We strive to treat our patients as we would like to be treated ourselves, with respect and care, creating no stress, providing proper diagnostics and clear consultation as well as different options for the treatment! Usually there are several solutions to a given problem, and only after you know the different options you are able to choose the best for yourself. Keeping this in mind we choose the best solution together with the patient, informing him about the cost of the entire treatment, after which we can start treatment right away.

We treat our patients thoroughly and with long lasting results. Therefore it goes without saying that we give guarantee for all our work.

Certainly we are not saying that we simply are the best, but we strive to constantly offer best quality in all different spheres of dentistry and we never forget that we always are at our patients’ service!

Our Office

Metro Mayakovskaya, Belorusskaya
Yuliusa Fuchika street 11/13

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