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Endodontitis [Pulpitis] is a severe form of decay affecting the nerves and blood vessels deep down in the very heart of the tooth. This condition is always unpleasant, but in a truly modern and professional dental clinic, the treatment of pulpitis involves little more inconvenience to the patient than the repair of an ordinary cavity. Sometimes, even a tooth in an advanced stage of decay can be painlessly and completely restored in a single visit – even if it requires the removal of one or more nerves and the subsequent filling of the canals. Because every person is unique, tooth canals can also differ substantially. That is why our clinic makes high-resolution X-rays detailing the root system of each tooth and our doctors fully explain the treatment required before pulling teeth, removing nerves or treating tooth canals. This ensures that only the work that is actually needed is performed, and creates a cooperative relationship between the doctor and the patient.

Most patients think that the treatment of pulpitis is not only painful and uncomfortable, but might result in the complete loss of the tooth. Such fears were justified at the beginning of the last century, but modern anesthetics are so advanced and diverse now that many can even be used when treating children and pregnant women. They make it possible for patients to undergo treatment of this once-dreaded condition in a fully relaxed state. In the hands of a qualified and competent dentist, you will barely notice the treatment process.

Although there are now materials and methods that make it possible to treat even seriously ill teeth in a single visit and to restore them to perfect appearance, it is ultimately the professionalism and experience of the dentist that makes such results possible. That is why it makes sense to choose your dentist wisely, and to stay with that dentist once you feel confident in their abilities and integrity. Your regular dentist will very quickly come to know not only your personality, but also the peculiarities of your teeth and your sensitivity to the medicines used. That, in turn, will help make your visits to the dentist a positive experience and will improve your overall sense of well-being.