DegreesGOU VPO Russian Gosudarstvenny Otkryty Tekhnichesky Universitet putey soobshcheniya in a stomatology with qualification assignment the dentist
Areas of Expertise
  • check-mark-1Hygienist

Natalia Kobyzova

telephone-1+7 499 254-37-10

In many countries it is widely common to go to a hygienist regularly and with as much pleasure as to go to a beauty salon. Visits to this specialist reduce significantly the probability of caries. The more the removal of tartar improves the health of the gum and the stability of your teeth!

Professional hygiene is useful for everyone, but especially important for people of advanced age to preserve the smile you are used to be healthy and beautiful!

  • check-mark-1Certificate Specialist Dentistry Prophylactic AB № 061671 from 28.09.2018

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