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Professional Hygiene

All good dental clinics take an integrated approach to treating and preventing diseases that affect the teeth and mouth. Even if a patient initially has a specific goal in mind, only an accurate diagnosis can reveal exactly what needs to be done.

A patient might come to the dentist thinking a particular tooth requires extraction, but after hearing from the doctor that the tooth can be saved and completely restored, he agrees to the change in plan. This often happens when people come in to have their teeth whitened: they unexpectedly learn that a professional cleaning that removes all of the accumulated tartar and soft plaque will solve whatever problems they have.

Patients often do not know the exact nature of the trouble they are experiencing: they only know they have a toothache or feel increased sensitivity in their teeth or gums. During the initial examination, the doctor makes a map showing the location and status of each tooth. And only after making any necessary X-rays does the doctor formulate an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan based on both the diagnosis and the patient’s wishes.

Moscow has many dental clinics and it is not easy choosing which one to visit. We are confident that you and your family will like our small but cozy clinic. Our doctors can advise you in detail on all matters concerning the health of your teeth, treatment methods and the various dental materials available. We use the latest methods as well as the best time-tested materials and equipment.

Taken together, our integrated form of treatment, individual approach to each patient and friendly team of experienced doctors enables us to produce the best results for you. With precision, knowledge and experience we can – and do – restore our patients to proper health. The German Dental Care clinic is ready to serve you.